Ms Wang

People lover, passionate about traveling too, especially when it comes to meet people, their culture, traditions, life stories… As crazy as her lover, she never hesitates to take risks and always go beyond her limits, for the greatest pleasure of Mr Wang. She follows him everywhere! Enthusiastic, hates routine, she must do something different everyday. And that makes her never-ending smile (the same as you can see on the picture below!) one of the most communicative in the world. If she’s happy, you will be too! 
She is skillful: speaks five languages, plays violin, does many different sports, has «exquisite communication skills» as she wrote on her resume, has strong psychological capabilities, and of course, she’s a photographer! She has particularly practiced her eye to catch people’s face expressions and attitudes. Her love for photography has also come from her numerous travels.
Well she’s Polish and she will always remind you that! As proud of her country as I am, it’s a real relief for her when she comes back home. She’s indeed surrounded by so much love there. She’s got her family, her best friends and her mountains. She always misses it a lot while traveling, as well as her music band, but she’s able to make compromise and keeps on going! However it’s sometimes hard to guess, in her behavior, her nationality since she loves good wine and good cheese as much as a real French! That’s probably why she chose to study in France and why she picked a French guy… So she’ll be for you the best partner to travel with!


Mr Wang

Mountain lover, passionate about traveling & sports, never stops saying how beautiful the particular place is (even if he visited it five times!) : that’s what we call ” The love to travel”! He started while studying in different places like China where he first traveled to Asia. Wherever he is, he cannot stop taking pictures and that’s how his passion for photography commenced… But… What about his love for mountains? His perfect knowledge of hiking routes is just astonishing (even if he is climbing a mountain for the first time!). With his head full of new ideas he creates new itineraries to travel in a minute. Undoubtely the best guide on the planet. Mr Wang is as well a professional motivator, he will make people climb high mountains even if they look like zombies while climbing. With full of his energy and motivation he pushes Mrs Wang to do things that she would never thought about them before! Everytime Mrs Wang is with Mr Wang she goes beyond her limits and she never regerets it. That’s the power of Mr Wang…

Graduated from Skema Business School where he could pursue travelling while studying. Speaks 4 languages and learning the most difficult one: POLISH. Lived in France, China and Peru. In France he loves its cuisine (actually his mother’s cuisine!), in China he loves to explore unique places like deserts of Inner Mongolia, Tybetian temples in Sichuan & Yunnan or ski resorts in Harbin, in Peru he basically loves the culture and the people. He loves to speak Spanish and of course he loves peruvian way of working hard! Hobbies that he would love to do daily but travelling does not let him do it often: tennis, piano, skiing. He loves to come back to his beautiful France (the way he calls it!) where he never stops admiring its beauty…As a real French he must have his apéro with a good wine everyday…