As soon as we arrived at the Jaipur's station there were plenty of rickshaw drivers who wanted to take us to their recommended hotels. Natalia and me were so fed up of them, we just did not want to hear them anymore and wanted to escape from them but there was one guy who seemed... Continue Reading →

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It was our first city to visit in India. From Kathmandu we took a 14 hour-bus to Siliguri and from Siliguri he took a 5 hour jeep which took us to Darjeeling. It's a town that is situated 2140 m beyond the sea level. We knew that we gonna be there during the moonsoon season... Continue Reading →

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Varanasi- the city of death

What am I doing in India?! The idea about going to India was exceptionally spontaneous and fast. I met Natalia in Kathmandu, she was also doing the volunteer there. For a couple of days we stayed in the same house for the volunteers where we met. Natalia is from Columbia and has been travelling in... Continue Reading →

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