First days in Kathmandu

Here I am! My first days in Kathmandu went really well, fast and crazy. Let's start from the beginning...I wasn't sure if somebody will take me from the airport but finally some people from AIESEC ( my buddies) took me from there with a ...  motorbike. So right from the beginning I was experiencing a... Continue Reading →

Temples of Kathmandu

Staying in Kathmandu has its positives which are easily visible mostly everywhere within this city. At first, I literally hated this city. Everybody is using the mask because there is so much dust that you have everything in your mouth when you are walking on the street. There is no street in Kathmandu that is... Continue Reading →

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Langtang trekking

At the beginning my first thought, that I wanted to do it Nepal, was to climb ABC ( Annapurna Base Camp). I had it all the time in my head that I have to do this one. However, I didn't meet anybody who would like to do it and so on I didn't want to... Continue Reading →

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escape from Kathmandu

I arrived in Kathmandu on wednesday ( 6.05) but three days later I just had to escape from this city. Of course, the capital of Nepal has wonderful temples but on the other hand this city is so dirty, so dusty and so noisy that a little escape for a weekend is OBLIGATORY! Especially because... Continue Reading →

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