Buddyjski Klasztor Larung Gar

Po 8 miesiącach bycia z dala od Chin stwierdziliśmy, że trzeba wrócić...Przede wszystkim ja byłam bardzo stęskiona za moim ulubionym, azjatyckim krajem. Naszym celem było dość małe miasto (jak na Chiny), liczące 'tylko' 100 000 osób zwane Huolinguole. Nie znajdziecie na mapie, ale powiem Wam, że leży ono w Mongolii Wewnętrznej (jednej z prowincji chińskich).... Continue Reading →

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The way to… Machu Picchu

At first, I have to say that while going to Machu Picchu I wasn't that excited. I thought it would be next excursion, just to see some world-famous ruins and that's it. And I was so much wrong!Indeed I didn't expect how I felt and what I saw. It's not only Machu Picchu that makes... Continue Reading →

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Titicaca Lake is situated on the border between Peru and Bolivia. It is the highest- placed, navigated lake in the world, having the altitude of 3812 m. Why this lake is so famous and everybody who visits South America wants to see it? This lake has about 41 islands and many of those islands have... Continue Reading →

Trekking- Baikal Lake

So we arrived in Irkutsk, had our Russian breakfast and we headed to Listvjanka- a village where we wanted to start our 3 -day trekking along a western shore of Baikal Lake. From Irkutsk there are lots of cars (called Marszrutnoje taksi) that go to Listvjanka, so you won't have any problem to catch one.... Continue Reading →

La Paz

In spanish 'la paz' means peace but this capital undoubtedly is not a peaceful one. On the contrary, this city moves in all directions, is full of oppositions and never stops moving. It is situated on the altitude between 3500-4000m above sea level which makes it the world's highest capital. While walking through this capital you all... Continue Reading →

Trekking Ausangate

It’s been two weeks since I’m in Peru and one of the most beautiful things that I have done is 3- day trekking in Ausangate. It is a less- known trekking in Peru but as well this trek is placed in the top ten highly recommended treks in the World. Why this trek is so... Continue Reading →

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Transsiberian Dream

Because it all started like this (Beijing): and ended up like this (Riga): So it had to be A M A Z I N G! One month of being on the road, 10958 km done, 12 cities visited, 7 countries crossed, 3 days trekking on the Baikal Lake done as well as two days of... Continue Reading →

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One week in Paradise

So far the best country I've ever visited, the best people I came across and the best mode of transportation within the country... and yes, I'm telling you about ......the Philippines! Again and again our trip was very spontaneous, we bought the tickets one month before, but we decided to plan our trip just one... Continue Reading →

Memories of China by Madzia

"How do you feel today? With my hands..." It was few weeks ago when together with Izabelka we were on the trip - my first time in Asia thanks to and with her. As always when we are together on a trip we're using local buses, staying in local hostels and with local people. We... Continue Reading →

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